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My Name is Art Lovell and the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my growth in EN. I believe that with so many people joining EN so rapidly that a blog like this will help many. It’s important to say that I have earned in network marketing but nothing too groundbreaking and this blog will actually chronicle the different marketing strategies I will use in order to build this business. If you’re looking for cool guru graphics or mantras sorry this blog is not for you. However, I am good at SEO and I have picked up a few strategies along the way. Hopefully, by combining my talents with EN platform I can grow and my team can grow along with me.

Why This Blog Was Created

What I learn, you learn about EN. One of the major reasons I joined is that a lot of my people could not duplicate and the sales presentations being used simply did not work. I actually wondered why so mlm companies or affiliate programs didn’t hire experts like David Wood or David Sharpe to create marketing funnels for their opportunity. However, I had joined company after company and produced a bit here or there but my team could not duplicate. So when I saw what the Davids were doing in EN by emphasizing simplicity and a blogging platform that would rank more easily in the search engines, I wanted to be a part of this program. Here’s the reason why: I can show people how drive traffic via ppc or seo, however converting once they’ve reached the sales page has always been difficult to duplicate. But you know I’ve stuck it out longer in network marketing longer than the flash in pan folks and as a result I have acquired skills and experience. However for brand new people it is not the case. So when David and David created a sales video that literally had me captivated, I said “Awwww shit these guys are about to do something magical!” And honestly, I saw it coming. In my heart I was looking for something that:

  • Paid instantly like LeadNetPro,
  • But had a full sales funnel that had a lower price point
  • Had and excellent sales video that spoke to the hearts and dreams of people
  • And did most of the heavy lifting and training of your team for you

And to tell you the truth when people came back promoting EN, I honestly didn’t know what it was except that they were paying 100% commission. So I of course that perked my ears just a little bit. However, at this point I didn’t want to join anything that wasn’t simple enough that people could not just join and spread through word of mouth. It’s kinda funny, we as online marketers want to tout marketing strategies that do not require old school word of mouth marketing, however the truth of the matter is that opportunities that really do the best are the ones that are easily spread and marketed via word of mouth?

EN Rocks

Let me just clarify, EN is not by definition an mlm company at all. It is in fact, an B2B business blogging solution with an affiliate program with different price points for different training courses. So the main benefits is that you get a simple “plug and play” blog that gets a lot of Search Engine love so you can rank more easily and get traffic and leads. You can also opt to be a part of the inner circle and Costa Rican intensive marketing training products and the newly released 15k per month formula. These products all come with resell rights that you also earn 100% Commisison on. If you want to join my team you can below:

Ultimately, I am going let this blog take a life of its own, I will invite a couple people I know who produce in network marketing to provide extra training and insight, but honestly information with the inner circle and marketing strategies that you already know like PPC, SEO, Local Meetups, Calling Genealogy Lists, Voice Broadcasting, Craigslist Advertising, should all work to generate leads. However, I think little tidbits I learn here and there will be helpful you if you are looking to join, already started, or are a veteran network marketer that’s on the fence about joining the EN.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Why Should I Join?”

Well I’m going to put it to you like this…I joined because I wanted to learn and earn plain and simple. See you can follow some of these other “gurus” bullshit online and lead down the wrong path because they either don’t actively build a network marketing team or built their network marketing team years ago back before highspeed internet and teach you strategies that are extremely labor intensive. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a stranger to hardwork, cold-calling for days etc, but I personally didn’t want to be a slave to my mlm business. Maybe that that fits your goals and you don’t want to have learn all the “online selling” nerd stuff to generate leads online. If so, I’d join.

Another reason, is that I have personally witness David Wood’s growth online. I remember when I first saw David’s ascendance online a few years ago and now you’re to be able to learn the how and why behind his marketing genius that got him there for really really cheap.

Lastly, if I were a boss in a business, I’d want some person to produce sales like David, essentially through video sales video, upsell process and the culture he and David Sharpe created, you’re able to hire 2 of the best sales people when it comes to online marketing. Now you may think this is some sort of David Wood-David Sharpe “lovefest” instead of branding yourself…but it’s not. And I’ll explain that in a second.

Branding Yourself Versus Providing Solutions

Now there have been some arguments that you branding the Davids instead of branding yourself in traditional attraction marketing fashion. However “attraction marketing” was pretty much godfathered in by Mike Dillard to help networker understand the importance of selling the person instead of the products in their salesmanship online or offline. However the solution was buying his book and other attraction marketing systems essentially leverage tools, sales funnels, and affiliate systems of others in order to provide a “ready-made” solution to network marketers.

Essentially you are doing the same thing as soon as you can let of your ego and say hey “I may not be the best salesperson online” but it doesn’t stop me from providing a solution to a niche and earning at the same time. If you were selling a Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, affiliate product and earning commission you’d essentially be doing the same thing.

I mean if you wanted to, you could create an seo optimized blogging platform, weekly audio trainings with industry experts, over 10 hours of intensive online marketing training, and a vast training collection of cutting edge marketing strategies all by yourself, but it would take you at least 6 months to a year to get it right and effectively monetize it. Why not let go of the ego and hire the Davids to sell for you?

Do I need A Big List To Make Big Money?

Well…if you have a list that would be great for you initial jumpstart, but the training that is within the products are designed to streamline the marketing learning curve and eliminate the bs “circle-j*$k” marketing that you don’t need. So I’ll put it you like this, it is a business and you get out what you put in however, unlike other systems, if truly feel as if Empower Network has the people in mind and gives you a real chance to learn and apply marketing strategies quickly to build your business.

So am I saying you will be a millionaire overnight? That only happens with the MegaMillions baby! But if you “think different” don’t want to be a cog in the corporate wheels and want to empower your ability to market effectively and earn online, this is right platform to get you trained quickly and effectively, get paid, and leverage the sales skills of industry experts.

The numbers don’t lie… 22,000 members in under 5 months…over 4Million paid out. I don’t know any new company that has done that. Why Not Get IN?